Thursday, August 11, 2011

Guiding Light

Ta Dah! 

Changing the lighting in our bedroom made such an impact on the room that I immediately got on the ball and ordered a new chandelier for our entry way.  The original light, below, wasn't offensive but it most certainly didn't match either of our tastes. While the new piece may be more my style than my husbands (ok, is completely more my style), the bronze finish gives it a less precious look. Speaking of precious, this chandelier is actually designed for a nursery. This fact worked to our advantage because the sizing was scaled down as was the price. All in all, this little pretty addition has given me something extra to smile about when I walk into my doorway.

Oldie but not Goodie


  1. Keep smiling and sharing :)

    xoxo, Nicole Papageorge

  2. I've always wanted one and now you inspired me to get one! How did it go with the installation, any advice helps. Thanks Ginger.

  3. My husband installed this and it would have been smooth sailing if we didn't drop and lose a screw mid process, which took us 20 minutes to find:) Beyond that if someone knows how to hang hard wire lighting it's easy, but if you don't know you should definitely hire a handy man so you dont risk creating an electrical fire hazard (we were quoted $60 to hang this before we did it ourselves).

  4. a little bit of enthusiasm seems to help; Thanks for the advise it was very helpful to know. Many thanks for being an inspiration!


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