Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This Ish Works- Benefit They're Real Mascara

Image via Benefit

I have two shots of praise for Benefit. A few weeks ago I needed my brows shaped. Typically I would call my brow specialist girl and wait a week or more for an appointment and then spend $45 and 45 minutes to get my brows done. I had enough of that spendy waiting game and decided to try the brow bar at Benefit. I called to make an appointment and got one within the hour and for only $20 bucks! My brows looked great and when they are done with your waxing they will do your makeup for free- which is the real reason I'm doing this post. When the makeup artist swiped They're Real mascara on my lashes I was immediately happy with the outcome so I added it to my tab (which was still cheaper than my old place-yes!), but for me the real test with mascara is seeing how long it lasts. Typically by 2:00pm I look like I've been socked in the face due to the dark mascara marks under my eyes, but guess what, with this stuff it all stayed on my lashes. If  you need a truly long wearing mascara  I highly suggest getting yourself to Benefit and pick up a tube of this goodness, and treat your brows while you're at it. 

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  1. I second that!
    I bought this just last week... I love it!


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