Monday, August 8, 2011

SF Chefs 2011

My hands were full with a plate and glass the whole time
This weekend we were lucky enough to get free tickets to SF Chefs 2011. Under a Union Square tent we were fed and educated by San Francisco's greatest chefs. From a plating tutorial by Meadow Wood head chef Christopher Kostow, meeting Tyler Florence, indulging in over 100 different bite sized samples, and unlimited wine and cocktail tasting, I could not have asked for more.

Dolled up to drink up

As per usual, asking to take a picture with the celebrity

These truffles were DELICIOUS

The Chef at work

The resulting masterpiece

My personal favorite food display


  1. So fun (and looks delicious)! Loving your outfits, too ;).

  2. Thank you Maria! The red jeans made it into my post:)

  3. That dress is too cute for words! Love it!


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