Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunday Dinners with the Parents

 My parents and I have started a new family tradition, Sunday dinners (a revolutionary idea I know!). Every Sunday we are all free, we switch off hosting a family get together. This weekend was my turn. My husband usually does the cooking as he is far more experienced in the kitchen than myself but this week I took charge. I made use of my cookbook collection and made an arugula salad without the arugula, "jezz's chili" and Jiffy cornbread (that one was not from a cookbook). Ofilio ended up pitching in and made a chorizo mac and cheese. For  dessert we enjoyed mini cheesecakes that I received from my work to celebrate my 5 year(!) anniversary with the company. I did have to explain to my confused Dad why I was taking pictures of the food, but none the less, it was a good night with my favorite people.
Side note: I just saw The Help this weekend and in response to the Miss Myrna letters it was said to avoid the sting of onion cutting, hold a matchstick in your mouth. I tried this while chopping a whole onion and it worked! My eyes started to sting a tiny bit at the very end but it was much better than going in unarmed.

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  1. The matchstick- lol :) goood tip! Also the confectionary pictures are lovely.


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