Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Learning a Thing or Dos

Intently practicing my calligraphy

I graduated from college close to 6 years ago and up until recently, I hadn't set foot in a classroom since.  This year I changed all that by enrolling in not one, but two classes. The first was copperplate calligraphy at Ferney Art Studio. For four Saturdays, I got up at 8am to learn the art of beautiful writing with my best friend. I finished the course a few months ago and while my talents aren't going to get me wedding invitation jobs anytime soon, it was fun and with some more practice I should at least be able to send out pretty Christmas and birthday cards one day (or perfectly replicate my blog header). 

For my second course I enrolled in a beginning Spanish class, which I now take one evening a week.  I'm brushing up on my high school  espaƱol so I can hopefully carry on an intelligent conversation with my in-laws in their native tongue. Until I get to that level I'm enjoying my weekly date with my 6 other classmates, who I now know by nombre. I'm feeling much more productive than I did watching the real housewives of whatever which is what I was typically doing when I came home from work... and I get to cross learning the language off my new years resolution list! If you find yourself bored on the weeknights, I highly recommend signing up for any class that even slightly motivates you. After all, you can always DVR Joe Giudice.


  1. let's make beautiful letters together soon! i need to brush up on my strokes and such!

  2. A calligraphy class sounds amazing! I would love to try that! xo


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