Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease

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This post has one simple message, if you want to be treated right when you are wronged, you absolutely, positively have to complain. There is literally no point in sitting and stewing in your own anger when a company has mistreated you, you have to take matters into your own hands and get the great service you deserve (when it comes to family and friends, biting your tongue might benefit you, but that's another deal completely).

Just as is the case with probably every one of you, I have had a business make an error at my expense. My first response is outrage but my second is to get what I deserve...compensation. I learned this from one of my friends who always, always, asks for a company's compensation policy. Originally I thought she seemed like a pest (sorry buddy:) but her method showed immediate results and I decided to follow her lead.

 A few months ago I stayed at Cesar's Palace in Las Vegas, everything was fine and dandy until I got home and saw my credit card had a $410 charge from the hotel. I immediately called to complain- they explained that is was just a temporary hold on my account, one that should have been $200 but was higher for some reason in this instance. I said that was ridiculous and asked to speak to a manager, after 2 minutes of complaining they had called the bank to reverse the charges to free up my account immediately(versus the standard ~3 days) AND I got two comped nights for my next stay. On our return visit when we cashed in our free room, we were given one of the best views the hotel offers, all at no cost to us. We even got a call from the manager during our stay to make sure everything was up to our standards (and everything more  than was).

Another example of my being squeaky-My mother in-law lives in Miami so we sent her flowers via Teleflora for Mother's Day. Mother's Day passed and she did not get the flowers. I called to complain and they explained that she would get them the following day. The following day they still had not arrived so I called again and spoke to the supervisor, who promised to get her flowers ASAP. I told her at this point, 2 days past mother's day that was not enough. I wanted a bouquet bigger than the one I originally ordered and I wanted it for free. Guess what, they charged my card back and the flowers were delivered the next day with some additional balloons (the balloons were not fully inflated upon arrival and I will never use this company again but it's still better than nothing). So the next time you don't get exactly what you paid for, ask for the manager and tell them I sent you, your wallet will thank you.


  1. My mom would be so proud! Erin could take a page out of your book...so could I, for that matter.

  2. Sometimes I think I embarrass Ofilio with my ranting to customer service but he is usually pleased with the result:)


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