Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Favorite Store -Fishs Eddy

While roaming around the Flatiron district I stumbled upon Fishs Eddy. This was one of the happiest accidents I have ever had... I thought the Anthro home department floated my boat but this place topped it. It's stocked floor to ceiling with beautiful, quirky, functional things for the kitchen (many of them affordable too).  I love setting a table more than cooking so I was in heaven. If this store were local I would have left with more but I had to consider what could come back with me on the plane. Thankfully they have a website so I will definitely be back for more.

My Haul


  1. Cool - I remember shopping there years ago when I lived in NY - Back then Fishs Eddy was a place where you could buy old tabletop from restaurants and hotels that have gone out of business. Glad to see their business model change, but I hope they still have their original product....

  2. I did see some airline silverware on sale! Nice to know the original origin


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