Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shopboping Spree

This week I went a little nuts on Shopbop, my favorite virtual shopping destination. I have been waiting months and months for this sexy back number to go on sale. I had just bought my camera when it went to 30% off and told myself that if they still had my size when it went to 50% I was allowed to purchase (which it did today). I had no reason or excuse for the blue dress but it arrived yesterday and I loved it so much that I scooped up the short black one too, which happened to be on sale. I'm already excitedly planning how I'm going to dress these simple beauties up and down.
 Shopbop offers free shipping and returns, even internationally (hear that Jenn and Adge), and they don't charge you tax-all that and the fact that they have the most amazing and broad  selection is why I have been called out at work more than once for being on this website:)


  1. Love! I snagged up an Equipment blouse on sale. oops! :)

  2. Was it the pink short sleeved one?


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