Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Teeniest Tiniest Meal I Have Ever Had

The piece de resistance
Sunday night we celebrated our actual anniversary with what was supposed to be a big fancy dinner...the  place itself was lovely but the only thing big about our meal was the bill. We dined at the 3 star Michelin rated restaurant at Meadowood, where we had met the head chef before here. We decided to go all out and order his tasting menu which came with about 10 different tastes. That term taste was more literal than I could have ever imagined. Everything we were served was literally gone in a bite and we quickly figured out why rich people aren't fat.  We were going with the flow and pretending like we understood why our portions were microscopic until we were served what we will fondly refer to as "the cereal" pictured above. To put that photo into perspective, the glass is about 3 inches tall and that bowl contains four, that's right 4, fancy corn flakes. Once we had that in front of us the jig was up, we couldn't keep a straight face (nor could the couple next to us). We had an extremely memorable night where we had a lot of laughs and learned to never ever order the chef's tasting menu again.

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