Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Life of a Dress

Palm Springs, 1980
I have never had to go far or pay a penny to get awesome vintage dresses that fit me to a T... I simply  go into my mom's closet. Not only am I thankful for the mom I have because she always has my back, is the most caring and empathetic person I have ever met, is fun to hang out with, and truly is one of my very best friends, but she had the foresight to save all her favorite clothes from her twenties to one day give to me. The picture above is my mom looking super hot on her honeymoon, and below is me on my honeymoon, 30 years later, in the very same dress. Knowing how much I have loved having my mom's previous favorites for my own enjoyment, I have been keeping an archive of my own greatest hits to give my future daughter. I hope she will be as excited about her loot as I was with mine (and better yet, I hope she can wear this dress on her honeymoon and keep the tradition going). Thank you Mom! xoxo
Positano, 2010


  1. What if you only have a son? Are you gonna make him wear your dresses?

  2. I LOVE THIS!! The dress is amazing. My wonderful mother did not have the same foresight, however. I look at the photo albums and drool over the A-line dresses, the handbags, the jewelry, the coats. The 60s would have been my era for sure. I think my mama kinda looks like your mama in this pic, too! The genes definitely run in the family :)

  3. look at mama laura looking hot (as usual!)... i love this dress so much and it's not just because i have a serious affinity for citrus.


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