Monday, September 12, 2011

Little Things

Sparkling water in champagne flutes makes me feel fancy-even in sweats
 Friday night to Sunday afternoon the hubs and I were certifiable hermits. The only time I left our apartment during that period was to take out the trash and do a load of laundry. Even though we didn't see the light of day there was plenty in our home to keep up busy and happy. We rented Win Win, which we both really liked (that doesn't happen often so I recommend it wholeheartedly), ordered in delicious Thai, and I got a package from Amazon to keep me entertained...not to mention our whole house is spotless (another Win Win-ha!). Here are a few more things that kept our recluse weekend bright.
$4 of TJs gladiolas brighten the entry way        
my new kitschy camera case
Can't wait to read this cover to cover
Assembling my shopping list now

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  1. LOVE that SF Ork poster. I need to just buy it already! That camera case is adorable, too!


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