Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor of Love Day Weekend

I always get excited when I see our names written like this
So I guessed correctly! This weekend the hubs whisked me away to Napa...but it was even more amazing than I thought it could be .We stayed at the lovely Meadowood; there we dined, both in-suite and in the fancy pants restaurant (photo above and more on that tomorrow), swam, tanned, got spa services (my very first facial!) and just thoroughly enjoyed each other and the grounds. The best part is that my love planned everything, and to a T! Great job baby!  We only left the property to go wine tasting (and one of the only times I had my camera on me), so here is a quick look at the adventures of us being winos. 
On the beautiful grounds of Frias winery...it's hidden but if you can find it GO!

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  1. Cheers to one of my favorite couples.
    Oh O... he really is something special!


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