Friday, September 2, 2011

Anniversary Number One Part II

September 4, 2010
As I mentioned last week, last year I was lucky enough to have two weddings. This Sunday we celebrate our second first anniversary. Our civil wedding was the most romantic day of my life and our big reception was hands down the most fun. All our favorite people, a beautiful venue, DJ and an open could we not have had a complete blast. This weekend my wonderful husband is treating me to a surprise getaway to celebrate...but considering he told me that a certain dress would be perfect for our dinner in Napa, I think I just might have figured it out. Hope you have a fabulous long weekend while I head out to my "surprise" destination:) Thank you for a perfect first year Ofilio! xoxoxo
All photos by Lisa Farrer


  1. soo pretty! love the pic infront of the palace of Fine Arts!

    love from San Francisco,


  2. It was a blast :) congrats on 1 yr


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