Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Walk in the Heights

View From Alta Plaza Park
San Francisco summers are not like summer at all. When I come home from work, I cross the Golden Gate Bridge to typically enter a sea of fog. Some days though we get lucky and the sky is as clear in SF as it is in Marin; when this happens I have no excuse to not get out of my house and go for a little walk. Below are some of the beautiful sites and homes from a jaunt through my neighborhood, Pacific Heights. With its steep hills, breathtaking views and Fillmore Street to boot, it is one of my favorite places in the city. A few blocks away from us live some of the country's richest people in some of the grandest mansions, with this in mind I found $20 on the street as opposed to the typical quarter; and some CEO must have left her purse open because I  I found another twenty 6 feet from the first! Thanks for the charity neighbors, I've got to go for walks more often!


  1. My favorite detail about this post is that you said "some CEO must have left HER PURSE open" instead of "some CEO must have left HIT WALLET open." That made me smile :)
    Your neighborhood is breathtaking, I dream of living in a city like yours.

  2. Thanks Maggie:) I wish I could live here forever but unless I win the lottery we will have to leave as soon as we grow out of our one bedroom.


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