Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Date Night- Belden Taverna

Not only is San Francisco a beautiful city, it has hidden treasures everywhere. When the weather is pleasing, a meal on Belden Place is one of my favorites. A globe light canopy covered alley off of Pine street, lined with bistro after bistro, you truly feel like you are in Europe. On a particularly warm Friday night the hubs and I had a delicious dinner here at Belden Taverna. The service was just as great as the ambiance and the food, but even if everything was sub par I still would have had a good time and gone back because I love dining al fresco so much. When Indian Summer shows up again we will be back.


  1. B44 is my fav! You should try the negro paella - and they have some great cheap spanish reds!!

  2. and why is your life only semi charmed?


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