Monday, October 31, 2011

This is Halloween

Our Little Pumpkin Family
This year marks the first of my life that I did not dress up for Halloween. Even though I didn't come up with a costume for myself, I made sure to decorate our home. My Halloween decor collection isn't very large at this point but I love a little bit of the season in different rooms. That way I stay in the spirit without having to squeeze into, say, a "sexy blogger" costume;). If you are less of a granny than me and are going out tonight, I hope you get lots of drinks and/or lots of candy! Happy Halloween!
Festive Center Piece Courtesy of the Hubs
Pumpkin Catch All
Fall Flowers
You best be scared of my plants

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  1. those plants will give me nightmares!
    also, i spy a "blueberry" pumpkin :)


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