Monday, July 18, 2011

This Ish Works- Bar Keepers Friend

I have come to accept the fact that I am indeed a clean freak, but really it goes beyond that. Cleaning and organizing are truly two of my biggest passions. I will dust and vacuum until the cows come home and enjoy every minute of it, but when it comes to washing pots I'd rather be a cow coming home (does that joke even make sense? No? Okay forget it.). My disdain for scrubbing pans leads to my love of Bar Keepers Friend. It has been around forever but I only recently got introduced to it by the lovely sales people at Williams-Sonoma. This is the stuff to gently clean your fancy, dirty, food encrusted pans with the absolute greatest of ease; no arm work out required! Just mix a little of the powder and some water onto your sponge and buff away that burned on food that has been soiling your pans for months and months. And as the package so proudly proclaims, it removes rust! So next time you are at Safeway, spend the few bucks and add this to your cart. Your shiny pots will thank you. 

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  1. i never knew what this stuff was! i will definitely try some out. i'd rather be the cow that comes home when it comes to vacuuming. please advise.


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