Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Flea Market Fix

On a sunny Sunday afternoon I made my first visit to the Alemany Flea Market. After 20 minutes of looking for parking I was able to navigate the tail end of the sale. I was amazed at all the pretty junk. Someone more patient  than I could furnish a very stylish home with the hidden treasures everywhere. I stuck to the things that were front and center. I got the above haul for a total of $20. I can't wait to fill the globe vase with dahlias and use the parrot tray to hold champagne flutes the next time I have guests over. Sadly I was not able to get one of the ladies to lower the price on a Princess Di and Prince Charles wedding plate (to add to my collection of Charles and Camilla shot glass, and William and Kate mug), if I was able to score that it would have been a perfect day. 

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