Monday, July 25, 2011

New Favorite Restaurant- Bursa, San Francisco

Last Friday night we did the exact same thing we did the Friday night before, ate dinner at Bursa. My husband and I at one time had the goal to never eat at the same restaurant twice so us going back to the same place two weeks in a row is a non existent occurrence. We did this because we are in love with Bursa. Located in the West Portal district of San Francisco, you can expect no wait (lucky you!) and absolutely amazing food (even luckier you!). Your experience begins with complimentary fresh warm bread served with a mix of spices and olive oil. After that order yourself a glass of One Hope Cabernet. This wine is not only gets you buzzed but does good, a percentage of the proceeds benefit cancer research. Back to the food, for starters you must get the the dolmas, that's all we have tried so far though I'm sure everything they offer is amazing. If meat is your thing then you will be very, very happy with the entree selections. The kofte kebab and rack of lamb are out of this world, lick your plate good. The salad and rice pilaf they come with are delicious as well. For dessert they offer a few home made Mediterranean delicacies and Turkish coffee to end your meal the right way. 

Mixed Grill
Kofte Kebab

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