Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dear Diary

My bedside, where the book lives
 I have always been better about capturing my memories in photos rather than words, but keeping a journal  has always been something I have at least attempted to keep up with. The last "diary" I bought was purchased at the long defunct Clothestime when I was 14 years old. It was bright pink, decorated with glittery butterfly stickers, and starts with me complaining about my acne and never being kissed... it ends with the news that I will be leaving my first solo apartment to move in with my boyfriend of a year (who is now my husband). It took me 11 years to fill that book and it certainly covers a lot of ground, but my newest attempt, should take exactly 5 years to fill. I purchased this book on my 28th birthday and have diligently filled out one line a day. Some days it doesn't say more than what TV show I watched (Shout out to The Bachelorette) or that I didn't want to go to work (surprise, surprise), other days it states a new revelation or big plan for the future (start my own organization business, babies!). No matter what the day says, 4 months in I'm already enjoying looking back on where I was weeks ago; I can only imagine how much value it will hold for me 5 years from now. Here's hoping this diary contains as much growth as my last, without all the teenage angst.

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  1. Ginger! I love this post, love the memory book and the decorated side table! You've totally inspired me to get a journal/diary! love, love, love it!!! :)


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