Thursday, July 21, 2011

Be a Good Guest - Bring Wine to Your Hostess

All wrapped up in a pretty little bow
Everyone knows, or should know, that when you get invited to some body's home you should never arrive empty handed. The easiest (and in my home most appreciated) gift is a simple bottle of wine. Now you don't want to look like you just pulled said bottle from your own bar (even if that is the case). You want it to look like you put some thought and care into your selection, like it is an actual gift. Most people do this with the wine bag. In my personal opinion I would much rather have a wine that costs $3 more than have a pretty bag which costs $3 that I will either reuse or throw away, with either option it's not going to be appreciated. My solution to this is the mini bow. These little guys not only look terribly cute, but cost less than 5 cents each and fit perfectly on the top of a wine bottle. Keep a pack on hand and stop by Bev Mo during a 5 cent wine sale and your thoughtful hostess gift will cost you no more than a dime, take that recession!

Who's inviting me to dinner?

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  1. I'll invite you guys over just for the little bows.


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