Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fresh Flower Power

Entry way flora (and my new vase!)

With the exception of a party, nothing adds more life to a home than fresh flowers.  Every week,  in lieu of a happy hour, I spend $10 on blooms from Trader Joes. I buy them on my lunch break and constantly have coworkers comment on the fact that I am buying myself flowers again. Some may see it as a waste, or that you should wait for someone to buy you flowers, but that mini splurge is one that I never regret. I love walking in my door and seeing a beautiful bouquet, so much so that I have a mini vase in almost every room of the house. Here is what is currently making my home happy and alive.

Mini carnations in my Jonathan Adler Vase

Hydrangeas from my parents' front yard in our living room

Fragrant lavender* in the bathroom
*Fun Fact-After cutting and arranging the lavender,  I made a salad in the same spot and I accidentally ate tastes exactly as it smells

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  1. The lavender is lovely, as is the Adler :) you can make lavender ice cream!!!


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