Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Heart Tiny Prints

The Father's Day card I gave my Dad this year

Tiny Prints is truly one of the best discoveries I have personally made. They are an online shop that offers customizable invitations, announcements, stationary, address labels, and my personal favorite- greeting cards.  For the price of a Hallmark (and if they are having a sale, half the price) you can give your loved ones a totally personalized, quality greeting card. Assuming you have a computer and a few extra days (to account for delivery) there is really no reason to give a generic store bought card again They have tons of great designs and all you have to do is pop in your favorite picture (if you so choose) and add you own words. They will even send the card to your chosen recipient for you for the mere price of a stamp, exact same as it would cost you but without the hassle of finding a mail box. Every person I have sent one of these cards to has really loved them (at least that's what they told me ;) and I have had fun making them. I have also used Tiny Prints for our Christmas cards and their sister website for our wedding invitations so I really am hooked.  Below is a small sampling of the cards we have sent out this year. And no they aren't paying me for this but they should:)


  1. I looooooved that bday card! On my story board right now as I type!! You're the best! <3

  2. no you're the best cousin! xoxo


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