Tuesday, February 28, 2012

See Yah Second Trimester!

Home stretch here I come! Today I am 28 weeks pregnant which means I am officially in my third and final trimester! Little man is kicking like crazy (which keeps me company during boring meetings and sleepless nights), my doctors visits continue to be non-eventful and I have no side effect that hasn't been documented 100 times over on message boards- I am crossing my fingers that things stay this physically boring for the remaining 12 weeks.  Below is what my left side has been looking like recently... Here's to the next 10 pounds!
23 Weeks 
25 Weeks
27 Weeks

And in case you were curious (I know you are) here is how pregnancy weeks, months, and trimesters break out


  1. Looking good... looking real good there Ginge!
    All my love to my favorite baby ninja!

  2. what a pretty white shirt for a pretty mama :)


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