Saturday, February 11, 2012


Height of messiness...too bad I never took pictures of the room when it was nice and organized
While our love for our little man is already as big as can be, his room is unfortunately quite small. Historically this space was probably a closet, we were using it as an office and in a few weeks it will be transformed again into a nursery. I had the daunting task of somehow making everything that was in this room pretty much disappear. To achieve this, we relocated some things, dumped about 3 garbage bags, donated over 5 boxes full and stored 4 in the garage. Now we are pretty much ready to have our contractor come and tear down the shelving and repaint. Furniture will be delivered shortly and soon we will be ready for the baby's arrival (well as ready as having a finished room can make us)! Until then, here is how far we have come.

Soooooo Close
Where we are today- Most of the stuff on the shelves is for him so we're in good shape

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