Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love is in the Air

Teeny Tiny Love Banner
It's almost here! Valentine's day!!! I have never been one of those people that gets mad at the Hallmark holiday. Single or coupled, it's a day to celebrate love and have an excuse to have pink, girly, decorations all over. Sometimes I think I get more excited when I see Valentine's day decorations over Christmas ones because they are just so pretty. This year the hubs and I are going to go out to dinner the Saturday before (avoiding the pre-fixe menus which I feel the opposite of love for) and then the actual day, I'll make us dinner which we will eat on a fabulously adorned table. Until I get to do that, I will pacify myself with the following festiveness in my home. 
The official candy of Valentine's Day...I swear they taste better this year (or maybe it's my hormones)

Pink Roses in the bedroom

More pink in the dining room 
Love tray with the mail 

Garland in the entry... oh and my poinsettia which seems to be the only plant I haven't killed

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