Monday, January 23, 2012

Date Night -The San Francisco Opera

 Our days without the need for a sitter are numbered, and our nights of living in the city could possible be dwindling as well so we're trying to do as much as we can before everything goes in a new direction. One of these things I thought I should be doing while living in the city is attend the Opera. So on a random Tuesday night, spurred by a Travelzoo half price deal, I got us tickets to see Carmen. Judging by the age of the crowd, this was an activity we could have held off on until we had grown grandchildren but the venue was beautiful and I was entertained through the first intermission. After that... I'm not going to lie... the pregnancy and the fact that really I don't like seeing or hearing people sing live (I'm a freak I know) got the best of me;  I fell asleep and made the mister take me home half way through the show. Even if I have no clue how it ended it was a good experience and something I can cross off the ole bucket list.
The many blue hairs do you spy?
The most flattering picture we took all night

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