Tuesday, January 10, 2012


My Ilee calendar (which I have bought the last 4 years) and our good luck Chonchito
Happy New Year everybody! We are a third done with the first month but better late than never. Assuming the world doesn't end, and you know what, even if it does, this year is poised to be my best one yet. Two of my oldest friends, as well as my brother and his long time girlfriend are getting married (I love weddings!) and of course my little SON will be making his arrival! That's right, we are having a baby boy, and have already started assembling a wardrobe to make him a mini-me of his father. Everytime I look at his little outfits I get SO EXCITED!!! And also, so emotional... getting teary eyed over little suede shoes, didn't think that would happen. Another thing I didnt think would happen...Beyonce stealing my baby name. I was going to use Blue as the little guy's middle name until Bey and Jay had to go use it for their girl. If Hillary Duff or Jessica Simpson end up using my new choice there will be hell to pay! Ok enough of my rambilings...I hope you all have plans and resolutions for a year to top all the others, and hopefully one of your plans is to keep reading this blog! Happy 2012!

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