Thursday, January 19, 2012

Storage Wars

Is it pretty? No. But it holds hella shoes and you can't see it when the closet door is closed

 Our condo is literally one of my favorite places in this world. While I love it with all my heart, it's a bit challenging to fit everything we need within its walls. We do have a decent amount of square feet but 1 bedroom and no major closet or cabinet space leaves me always looking for a way to house more with less. If there is a space that I can fill with storage without the rest of the world knowing about it, I will. Here are some of the accessories that have added a teeny bit of extra space to our home.
This cheap addition makes a shelf where there isn't one
The Spice Stack! I love this thing! 
Frees up shelf space, makes locating which knife I need quicker, and great self defense if I encounter a murderer

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