Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Casa de Fruta

Our little fam on the little train
Growing up, my parents took my brother and me to a lot of fun spots in the Bay Area. I had happy memories associated with those places and as I got older, I went back to them with friends or boyfriends hoping to again have a great time. Sometimes this worked (An alcohol fueled night at the Brookdale Lodge with my girls was more memorable than the family trip), and sometimes it didn't (The pumpkin patch in my twenties was kind of boring), reason being some places are really best enjoyed with a kid. Now that I have a family of my own, I have a list of destinations from my childhood I want to visit to recreate happy memories. One of those places was Casa de Fruta, so when my parents suggested we go to this roadside stop on our way back from Carmel, just like I did as a child, I was on board with my camera ready.  Little Ofilio may have been too young to enjoy everything this spot has to offer but the photos alone got me more than excited for whatever our next family outing may be. Any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!
Baby in a Face in the Hole...Adorable
Me and the Muffin and The Muffin workin' on the rail road 
My little guy
 Merry-Go-Round, Ofilito-Go-Unimpressed
First time on a swing-  Pure bliss


  1. Okay. Baby Face in the whole is soooo adorable!!!! ( I remember your mom would always come back with the best souvenirs in the entire world, too!!! ) Love the entry!!!!

  2. My little guy loved Muir Woods (we carried him in a baby carrier) but I also think Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in Moss Beach, just north of Half Moon Bay, would be fun for a young child. Touching all those sea anemones is pretty fun.


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