Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Months 7 & 8

Month 7 
Month 8
Hard to believe but 2/3 of my muffin's first year are in the record books. He now has two adorable little teeth, crawls all over the place, sits unassisted in shopping carts and high chairs, eats real food (of the baby jar variety), loves the swing, had croup and his first fever :( and pulls himself up on anything that he can reach. This means that baby proofing is a must, as is constant supervision, because this little guy gets into everything! It's been so fun and honestly amazing to see him go from a baby to the start of a little boy. I can't wait until we can show him more things and experience this world through his fresh eyes. Happy 8 months Ofilito!!! Love you, love you, love you!!!
Side Note-These pictures are increasingly harder to take because he doesn't want to sit still:)

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