Wednesday, May 1, 2013

9, 10 and 11 Months

Well I waited long enough to post these didn't I. My little man is just 17 days away from his first birthday! There has been so much growing going on that it's hard to keep track! When Ofilito hit 11 months he had 7 teeth with an eighth about to pop through any day, started talking (Mama was his first word thank you very much), gives kisses (highlight of my days), walks with ease when holding on to furniture or hands, eats EVERYTHING that is offered to him (and things like dirt and sand if I'm not careful) and waves hello and goodbye. His personality has started to shine and my guy is a determined little rascal who likes to get into everything and anything. Unfortunately he doesn't understand the word "No" yet but nobody's perfect. 
While this should go on next months post I have to tell you now...last week my baby started WALKING! So proud! Ofilito you are the best thing ever and I love you more and more every single day! Happy last month as a baby muffin! 

9 Months

10 Months

11 Months- This one kills me
Longer hair and more teeth every month:)


  1. Oh my can one little tiny baby be so happy and sweet and handsome and adorable all at the same time????!!!! I love him!!!!!

  2. Precious little guy! Thanks for posting again. These photos and updates make us so happy! Xoxoxo, Nicole & Petraki

  3. That last pic is the best. Such a little poser. Love you baby O! XO Teta Adge

  4. he's growing soooo much!! i love the hair :)


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