Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mini Bedroom Makeover

We bought our bedroom furniture way back in 2008 (and wouldn't select the same set if we were buying in 2012), and for the last 4 years I have wanted to get new hardware for it. The silver knobs this dresser came with were quite boring and masculine and I wanted something to femme up the bulky piece. These ring drawer pulls were the perfect change. They gave new life to a piece I was previously over for less than $40, win! 
After...ta DAH
 And now for my second act...When we first moved in the walls were painted a beige color, with that in mind we picked these silver sage lamp shades. Since then though we have painted the walls a dark grey and the shades were no longer cutting it. The new white shades were again an easy quick change and they look much better with our all white bedding (which I love because you can bleach it and keep it looking brand spanking new, even after spilling Chinese food all over it!)
Before- Shades Blending into the Wall

After- Shades pop and the nightstand magically are clean! 
Next we will add a pack and should be a real fancy finishing touch for the room;)


  1. The pack and play will definitely finish the look Ginge! Great updates! love ya.

  2. Fun! Looks great. (I kind of feel like I'm looking at those two pictures where I have to pick out all the differences :) Good to know that subtle upgrades can go far. Too bad I can't do the same to the rented furniture in our pad. You would have a field day, Ging, if you could get your creative hands on it! Hint: we have mustard curtains. Yes, mustard.


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