Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Christmas Shower

Table Settings (getting some use out of my china!) and the flowers served as the favor and seating assignment
 My best friend is getting married and loves Christmas, so I figured an intimate lingerie shower thrown during the holidays was a perfect way to celebrate her. This was my first time solo hosting, and you may notice there aren't any pictures of the food...that's because that part is not my specialty or what I get excited about so I'm not featuring it (but note I didn't make the guests starve-they got pasta and salad). Here are the things that I did put together that I had fun with. 
Invitations in Christmas Colors
Banner (stole this idea from my other BFF)
Champagne Cocktail Bar- "Naughty" napkins because it's a Christmas lingerie shower, get it, get it?
Dry erase markers add an easy fun touch to the bathroom mirror
The Bride to be and her ladies

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